Why Promote Purple Parking?

Purple Parking Offers Their Customers:

• Strong messaging of Save Up To 60% for your customers.

Price Match Promise means an even more competitive offer for your customers/visitors.

• Bespoke promotions and offers available

A Range Of Services To Choose From

Chauffeur Service(Meet & Greet)
With the average booking being £99 and our Heathrow based Chauffeur Meet & Greet service averaging at 3500 meets a week, there is great potential for our affiliates

Leisure Service(Park and Ride)
With a capacity at Heathrow alone amounting to 10000 spaces, and the average booking being £85, there is virtually no limit to your earnings.

Purpleparking offers car parking at 50 airport car parks across the UK.

Keyword Policy
Purple Parking do not authorise their affiliates to use the keyword phrase Purple Parking or any other keyword phrase which includes Purple Parking on any search engine. Purple Parking do not allow affiliates to use the display url www.purpleparking.com or www.purpleparking.co.uk

Keyword Downloads
19,000 Purple Parking keyword phrases

Top 100 Purple Parking keyword phrases

Voucher Code Policy

Please note:
Purple Parking will not accept any sales that have been made using a non Tradedoubler or Syyco 'approved for affiliate use' voucher or coupon code and does not permit publishers to link to Purple Parking via an affiliate link if there is any unauthorised voucher or coupon code for Purple Parking on their website or in an email they send out.

Any publishers found to be violating these guidelines will have their commissions revoked and be removed from the affiliate program.

Affiliates will be paid on codes issued to them only. Any code used by an affiliate that was originally issued to someone else will not be paid out on! Commission is not payable for orders made by existing members of Purple Parking.

Purple Parking Program Terms and Conditions

Please click here for further details

Get In Touch With The Team!
Purple Parking has Huge Potential for growth and takes affiliate relationships and partnerships very seriously. We would love to hear from you about promotional opportunities, ideas or ways to increase exposure. Get in touch with the team at Syyco to Discuss.

Many Thanks,

Purple Parking Affiliate Team


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