DEICHMANN Affiliate Program

“Fashionable shoes for all age groups, great quality at an unbeatable price.” With these principles, DEICHMANN has distinctly positioned itself in Germany and abroad. DEICHMANN is the market leader in the German and European shoe business. DEICHMANN is currently active in 24 countries with 3,700 local shops and employs approximately 37,000 people.

Also the DEICHMANN Online Shop offers fashionable shoes around the clock. At , prospective users find a wide assortment of women, men, kids and sport shoes and can order the latest shoe fashion and “must have” accessories without any shipping costs.

Become a partner of the DEICHMANN Affiliate Program and profit from the following benefits:

  • Commission: 1-13 Sales 8 % per Sale, 14-20 Sales 9 % per Sale, from 21 Sales 10 % per Sale
  • 30 days cookie tracking
  • Product feed
  • Wide range of promotion material
  • Professional and personal support
  • Short approval periods of the sales
  • Assortment of more than 1.200 shoes
  • Amazing sales and special offers
  • FREE DELIVERY for all orders (free return)
  • Easy, fast & safe payment methods

DEICHMANN provides a wide range of current advertising materials, product data, as well as many partner and customer promotions (vouchers, competitions, special discounts etc). If you integrate one of the DEICHMANN banner, they will change automatically when a banner exchange takes place.

Apply for the DEICHMANN Program. We are looking forward to your application and a successful cooperation!

If you have further questions or suggestions to the program don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your DEICHMANN Affiliate Team

Sina Holzheu


Tel.: 0049 203 41050 400

Programm Obligations

1. General exclusion criteria

The publisher must have an appropriate website. Pure e-mail registrations are not acceptable.

Sites which include content of the following type are not allowed to participate: sites that promote violence, pornographic and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and/or age.

The website of the publisher is not allowed to publish political content in any way.

The website must adhere to all relevant legal regulations.

Deichmann may refuse at any time advertisements that promote or solicit illegal acts, or any such types of acts judged to be not positive.

The following segments will also get no access to the Deichmann Affiliate Program:

· Banner networks

· Bonus system with and without Klickpromt

· Newsletter websites

· Websites without content, not available websites, incorrect domains

2. Advertising with the Deichmann Brand

The website may not give the impression that could convey that they legally represent Deichmann or that they could give legal declarations on behalf of Deichmann.

Any use of Deichmann licensed trademarks or those belonging to companies of the Deichmann concern is not allowed without the prior written approval of Deichmann.

Deichmann may neither be used as a reference nor shall in any way the contractual relationship to Deichmann be advertised without prior written consent.

3. SEM

Any use of keyword advertising with Deichmann brands and product names is not permitted including variations of misspellings. This applies particularly to the usage as a keyword and includes the following brands: Fifth Avenue, Graceland, Agaxy, Ariane, Björndal, Bobbi Shoes, Borelli, Claudio Conri, Yorik, Dei Tex, Falcon, Gallus, Janet D., Medicus, Memphis One, Venture, Elefanten, Am Shoes, Victory.

4. E-Mail Marketing

The use of the Deichmann partner program for spam emails is explicitly prohibited. The email recipient must have had received and approved an ‘opt-in’ beforehand. Under no circumstance must an impression be given the transmission originated from Deichmann. In addition the publisher must be clearly identified as the author sending the transmission.

5. Advertising Material

It is not permitted to change the offered advertising material and the offered advertising links in any way. The application of the Deichmann website in a pop up, pop under, frame, iframe, layer and banner networks as well as through paid-mail, paid-banners and paid-click programs is not permitted.

Deichmann reserves the right at any time to cancel an existing partnership and / or for legitimate reasons to retain commissions.

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  2. Fill in your details - there are 3 short pages and only takes a few minutes.
  3. Once finished, you will be emailed a link, click on this to activate your account. That's it!
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