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The Health Lottery is a lottery game which is specifically designed to raise money for local health causes.  Earn up to £4 for every new customer deposit and up to £5 for every new direct debit account.


The Health Lottery Information


The Health Lottery is 51 local society lotteries each one representing one or more local authority areas across Great Britain. Each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and will raise money for health related good causes within their respective areas.


By joining The Health Lottery affiliate network, you will be able to earn up to £4 for every new customer buying a lottery ticket on our website and up to £5 for every Direct Debit Signup


How does the Health Lottery work?


Each week one or more different society lotteries take part in the lottery draw. They then donate money raised through their lottery to health related good causes within their respective communities, working with them to prioritise needs. Running things this way means every single part of Great Britain gets an appropriate share of the monies raised. No matter where you live, you will be able to see the society lotteries making a difference.


20p in every £1 goes to support local health related good causes.


The Health Lottery Commission Structure



Regular commission structure:

·         The Health Lottery will pay affiliates £4 for every new customer who debited the minimum required of £5

·         The Health Lottery will pay affiliates £5 for every new customer who sets up a Direct Debit account


Terms & conditions:

·         Affiliates will be paid after the bets are placed, which occurs after the first direct debit has been successfully debited, in some cases this could take up to a month

·         No payment will be due on direct debit that is cancelled before the first bet placement

·         If the bank reclaims the funds no commission or other payment will be due to the affiliate, if the affiliate has already been paid they will need to refund the payment(s) 

·         THL reserves the right to offset the cost of chargebacks or indemnity payments or fraud against money owed to the affiliate. We reserve the right to withhold all amounts until these have been investigated and settled.

·         The affiliate will immediately stop and report to us on any fraud attempts on our web site/s and share any information that they might have regarding fraud involving our website.

·         No payment will be due to the affiliate on fraudulent activity involving the affiliate, regardless of whether the affiliate was aware or complicit in the fraud.



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